Net neutrality means that all internet content is treated equally by internet service providers. Under the old net neutrality rules, internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon were prohibited from speeding, up, slowing down, or blocking certain web sites. Internet service providers couldn’t steer customers towards certain web sites just because it was more profitable for them. Donald Trump has ordered the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to dump these rules, something that internet service providers have wanted for a long time. Once net neutrality rules are gone, when you go on the internet, you will likely see fewer web sites pop up that are relevant to what you are searching for and more irrelevant, but high profit web sites at the top of the list instead, web sites for things like online gambling, fantasy football, herbal nutritional supplements (aka snake oil), payday loans, etc. These business run on high profit margins and can afford to pay internet service providers for listing priority. Personally, I am not looking forward to this. A number of state legislatures have passed laws requiring net neutrality within their states.