#1. You Can Sharpen The Blades In Your Garbage Disposal With Ice Cubes. There is no need to do anything to sharpen the blades in your garbage disposal because there are no blades in a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals have grinders called impellers. Garbage disposals do not have sharp blades like knives. The impellers grind solid garbage into liquid as they spin. You should never put hard things in your garbage disposal like ice, bones, or corn cobs. You can damage your garbage disposal doing that.

#2. You Can Save Money And Water By Putting A Brick in Your Toilet Tank. This is another myth that can damage your plumbing. You already have a low-flush toilet. They are now required in California. You should do nothing to further reduce the amount of water per flush. Furthermore, bricks deteriorate under water. Chips of the brick will eventually break off and can clog or damage the flush mechanism.

#3. You Can Flush Grease With The Hot Water Running. Yes, you can flush grease down your sink with hot water running, but then the grease will congeal in the pipes below and clog up all your drains. You should never flush grease.

#4. Flushable Wipes.  You should never flush ‘flushable wipes.’ They should go in the garbage can. Flushable wipes do not dissolve in water like toilet paper. Flushable wipes do incredible amount of damage every year to plumbing and sewage treatment plants.

Garbage Disposals

What can and can’t you put in your garbage disposal? As a general rule, if you can’t chew something, neither can your garbage disposal. A garbage disposal is not a chipper. Never put anything in your garbage disposal that you could not chew yourself, such as bones, corn cobs and husks, pineapple tops and rinds, peach pits, or cherry stones. Also, don’t put pasta or rice in your disposal. Rice and pasta expand in water. That’s obvious when you cook them. Pasta and rice will do the same thing in your garbage disposal and drain pipes. Don’t put egg shells or coffee grounds in your garbage disposal. While these things appear to grind up just fine, the membrane in eggshells and coffee grounds can get stuck in your disposal’s trap and clog it up. All of the things listed above can be composted. If you don’t compost, just put them in your garbage can.

Bad Odors. The most common complaint about garbage disposals is bad odors. There are a number of products on the market for deodorizing garbage disposals, but the best (and cheapest) way to solve this problem is with citrus rinds. After you have squeezed the juice out of an orange or a lemon, cut up the rind into a few large pieces and grind it up in your garbage disposal. Citrus acid is a powerful deodorizer. Use cold water. Hot water will flush the citrus acid away.