Before you leave town for Winter Break, remember — tell your friends about your trip after you return, not before or during the trip on social media websites. Burglars scan Facebook, Twitter, etc. to find out who is away from home. Yes, burglars really do that! Also, ask a friend or neighbor to check your porch for parcels, newspapers, advertising circulars, and other things that might tip off passers-by that no one is home. Put a lamp on a timer. If you don’t have a lamp timer, see me, and I will lend you one.

Don’t Announce Your Holiday Travel Plans On Social Media Websites

Please – do not announce your Christmas or Winter Break travel plans on Facebook or Twitter. Burglars scour these and other web sites looking for houses to rob! No foolin.’ They really do that. Thieves even have software that allows them to search the internet looking for houses to rob. If you want to tell your friends about your trip to Cancun on Facebook or Twitter, do it after you return, not before you go or while you are there!