My father used to use the expression, ‘the dead fish look’. I think he invented this expression because I have never heard anyone else use it. My father used this term to describe a look of feigned surprise. The dead fish look is looking at someone with your eyes and mouth very wide open, pretending to be surprised. If you’ve ever seen dead fish, they actually do look like that. When people pretended to be surprised in this way, my father would say: “Oh, don’t give me the dead fish look. You know what I’m talking about.” I hadn’t thought about this expression in perhaps 30 years; however, Rudy Giuliani has refreshed my memory. Giuliani does this quite often, and he is not convincing when he does it. When he is asked a tough question, Giuliani frequently goes into ‘the dead fish look.’ He looks away from the interviewer with his eyebrows up, his eyes bulging in their sockets, and with his mouth wide open, and sucking in air. Then he says something like: “Well, I never heard that before!” It’ is painfully obvious that he is just pretending to be surprised, and he is terrible at this! Really terrible! Look at the photos below. These photos have not been photoshopped. These are actual photos of Rudy Giuliani pretending to be surprised by a question. I think he looks ridiculous. Don’t you? The next time you see a dead fish, look at the expression on its face.