Drive-Through Trees. A Real Tourist Trap.

DriveThroughTreeIf you want to visit a real tourist trap, you can’t beat a drive-through tree. I have never been to a drive-through tree myself, so maybe I am prejudiced about this. There are a number of drive-through trees in northern California. All of these trees are either giant redwoods or sequoias. There used to be a famous drive-through sequoia in Yosemite National Park, but that tree fell over in 1969. They didn’t replace it so there are no more drive-through trees in state or national parks. My father told me that he thought that the Yosemite drive-through tree was the stupidest tourist attraction in California. All the drive-through trees in California are now on private land, and all of them are in remote locations. None of them is near a big city. Cutting a hole in a tree big enough for a car to drive through will eventually kill the tree, so places with drive-through trees have to periodically change the tree that people drive through. The way these places work is pretty simple – you pay a fee and then drive through a tree. After you drive through the tree, you done. That’s it. You’re finished. There is usually nothing else to do at these places, aside from buying souvenirs at the gift shop, and there is always a gift shop next to a drive-through tree. Now if that isn’t a tourist trap, what is?! If you decide to visit a drive-through tree, be prepared to wait. In summer, you might have to wait for up to an hour to drive your car through the tree. That is because everyone who drives through a drive-through tree stops their car inside the tree to take photos.